Fees, Terms and Conditions


The brokerage fee charged by Rainbow Aviation will depend upon a number of different factors, namely:

1. Overall cost to Rainbow Aviation for advertising etc.

2. Length of time taken to complete a sale.

3. Additional agreements attached to a sale may lower or raise the fee as agreed.



Terms and Conditions :

1. There is not a fixed fee for brokerage transaction , but if you agree on e-mail to the fee suggested then you are effectively signing an agreement and committing to pay.

2. All brokerage fees are payable directly to the owner of Rainbow Aviation, Andrew Tanner, immediately upon receipt of a deposit or full payment from a purchaser.

3. A receipt will be dispatched only when the full fee has been cleared in the appointed bank account.

4. Communication between buyer and seller must be through Rainbow Aviation at all times.

5. The fee is a cost to the seller for a successful introduction from buyer to a seller.

6. If a sale is completed after an introduction without the relevant payment, Rainbow Aviation reserve the right to impose a fine of up to 100,000 assessable on each of the seller and the buyer pending legal action.