Parts Wanted

Please find below a list of aircraft parts wanted. in instances where the buyer wishes to remain anonymous at this preliminary stage of your enquiry, the picture of may be a library picture. Click on the thumbnail for more information on the aircraft of your choice.

Last Update: 16-Feb-2019

Wanted: Hunter T-Type front armoured glass - will take either side or both sides. Also need two drop tanks - Composite preferred over steel.


Wanted: L-29 Delphin parts. Anything considered, particularly good engines.


Wanted: Nose wheel and tyre for Hawker Hunter.

Also Two main wheel tyres for Hawker Hunter.


Desperately Wanted: 122 , 207 and 208 series RR Avons. Please contact us if you have any!

Wanted: Hunter parts as follows.

Main tanks p.n. 26FX9921 port and 9922 starboard. They are Marston M26459 and M26465

Also a nose wheel p.n. 27A/2981 and a tyre Dunlop AH9336.

Hope you can help , we have a quantity of starter cartridges to go as well if you are interested in them.

Also any Vipers that have timed out and any Orpheus you may have that are also timed out.

Wanted: Nose wheel tyres for Jet Provost and Strikemaster.


Wanted - we have just had an order for two Bristol /RR Orpheus engines and a Gnat Jet pipe.

We have an immediate requirement for the following items :

       Avon 109 series with some time left.

       Starter cap for Avon 109.

       202 Exhaust cones (not repaired)

       Barometric Fuel Control Unit (BFCU) For 202 Viper.

       Vampire , Venom nose wheel tyres.


Wanted - Rolls Royce 109 Jet engine with some hours remaining.


Wanted - I am looking for a right hand windscreen for an airworthyMk T7A Hawker Hunter, Part No. D260146, Ref 26FX/11093. If you have one I will need a quote to include shipping to Vasteras in Sweden. Contact via Email:


Wanted - Rolls Royce Viper 102 Jet engine with some hours remaining.

(library picture)

One De Havilland Goblin 35B preferably with some time left on it . Urgent requirement.